If You Suspect a Cavity Has Developed on One of Your Teeth, You Should Seek Dental Care

When you use oral hygiene products that haven’t earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance or take a casual stance with your daily oral hygiene routine, you place your teeth at increased risk of cavities. If tooth decay does develop on one of your teeth, you might notice increased sensitivity, a change in texture,… Read more »

Identifying the Underlying Cause of Tooth Sensitivity Can Aid in Developing an Effective Treatment Plan

Feeling pain and discomfort when eating hot, cold, sweet, or acidic things is often referred to as tooth sensitivity. Left untreated the discomfort can increase or allow the underlying cause to escalate into something even more serious. Identifying the underlying cause will help Dr. develop an effective treatment plan to restore the comfort of your… Read more »

Can You Quicken Recovery Time for Tooth Extraction?

Did you know that you can quicken recovery time for tooth extractions by allowing yourself plenty of rest afterward and having a solid plan in place that is implemented both before and after the surgery? Although tooth extractions are fairly minimal surgeries, they do require comfort and care to allow your mouth to heal properly,… Read more »

A Partial Might Be Able to Temporarily Replace the Function of Multiple Teeth Lost to Untreated Decay

Tooth decay is often the unfortunate result of poor oral hygiene and reticence to seek professional care with a trained dentist. When this happens, you are at increased risk of the tooth decay spreading, infecting the root, or causing a severe dental fracture. If multiple teeth in one area are lost this way, they might… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Mouthwash

If you’re ready to take your dental hygiene to the next level, then it’s time to start using mouthwash. Mouthwashes, which are sometimes referred to as oral rinses or mouth rinses, are liquid products used for washing the mouth, typically through gargling or swishing. Rinsing with mouthwash will help you keep your mouth clean and… Read more »

Can Dental Fillings Be Used to Treat Your Cavities?

Can dental fillings be used to treat your cavities? Often, cavities form before we begin to feel their symptoms, thus making it too late to prevent them from developing. However, with dental fillings such as dental composites and dental amalgams, cavities can be treated and overcome! Take a look at just a few of the benefits that dental… Read more »

A Custom Partial Can Replicate the Presence of Multiple Missing Teeth

Without timely professional treatment, tooth decay can gradually spread from one tooth to another. As time goes by, this could lead to multiple dental fractures or even the complete loss of multiple teeth. In some instances, these teeth can be replaced by dental implants. However, if you’re averse to this option due to the extenuated… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment Options

Root canals are often performed to save your natural teeth when there is a problem inside the tooth. Within each tooth lies the pulp at the root of the tooth. If for any reason the pulp is damaged, in many cases it must be removed to prevent your tooth from failing or a serious infection… Read more »

We’ll Give You a Smile Makeover

Here at Bright Dental Care, we’ll redesign your smile! We offer services in cosmetic dentistry, which refers to any dental procedure that changes, shifts or replaces teeth to improve its overall appearance. Many dental procedures can qualify as cosmetic dentistry, but they can fit into multiple categories. Here is a brief description of what services… Read more »

Your Regular Dental Checkup Is Critical for Maintaining a Healthy Mouth

In the grand scheme of things, cavities are just one small problem that can afflict your oral health. Indeed, there are many different aspects that go into maintaining the kind of healthy mouth that can last a lifetime. While brushing and flossing are essential daily measures that help prevent gum disease and tooth decay, your… Read more »