Can You Quicken Recovery Time for Tooth Extraction?

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Did you know that you can quicken recovery time for tooth extractions by allowing yourself plenty of rest afterward and having a solid plan in place that is implemented both before and after the surgery? Although tooth extractions are fairly minimal surgeries, they do require comfort and care to allow your mouth to heal properly, so it is best to avoid strenuous activities like going to the gym and exercising until the wound has healed up.

If you have been given any anesthetics, do not eat or drink until they have worn off. Doing so beforehand can cause choking to occur. In addition, try to cut out smoking and chewing tobacco at least 48 hours before and after the surgery.

Follow your dentist’s instructions exactly as given. Do not stray from their instructions, and stick to the recommended dosage for any medications that have been prescribed. If you experience any inflammation or swelling, ice packs can be used. For pain, heat packs will work. If any type of complications should arise, speak with your dentist whenever possible.

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