Cavity Detection Is Included in a Dental Checkup

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The American Dental Association recommends practicing a consistent oral hygiene routine to help reduce your chances of suffering from oral health problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Along with brushing twice each day and flossing every evening, this also includes having a dental checkup performed twice each year by a professional dentist like Dr. Yong Eon Park.

The outpatient appointment has several distinct phases. The first is designed to clean away trapped bacterial deposits that have accumulated on your teeth. This is followed by a comprehensive dental exam to detect any developing oral health problems. If Dr. Yong Eon Park finds a problem he will put forth a treatment plan.

A newly formed cavity might require a second appointment to treat the tooth with a dental filling. This treatment process will involve him numbing the tooth and surrounding gums to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. At this point he will carefully remove all compromised areas of tooth enamel.

A composite filling is made from a special type of dental resin. It can be shaded to appear just like natural tooth enamel. An amalgam dental filling is made from a blend of dental grade metals. They are dark in color and known for being durable making them a better choice for repairing a cavity on a back tooth.  

After the appropriate dental filling material has been prepared and applied Dr. Yong Eon Park will use a special ultraviolet light to harden and adhere it to the surrounding dental structure.  

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