Continuing Education on Cracked Tooth Syndrome

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You’re a chronic ice chewer. No matter how many times the dentist has lectured, you simply cannot give up crunching on your beloved ice. Then, one day … It happens. Ouch! You’ve cracked one of your molars! What do you do now?

First, don’t panic. You aren’t the only person in the world who has ever cracked or fractured a tooth before. Many people crack or chip their teeth while eating, playing, and even sleeping some people grind their teeth at night. Also, there are many instances when, for unknown reasons, the tooth just weakens and cracks on its own. This could be due to the pressure put on teeth by just common, everyday chewing. Molars are most at risk for cracks due to the force that is applied to them daily. Don’t fret. We can fix this.

It all depends on the severity and depth of the crack. This is the deciding factor in what treatment is needed. If it is pretty minor, like common surface enamel cracks that many adults will have, you may only need a good polish with an abrasive to smooth out the problem. Applying a bonding material (resin) is also a quick fix to cover minor cracks and chips. In more serious cases, there may be reason to grind down and cover the offending tooth with a crown. If the tooth has signs of decay or infection, there may be a need for root canal therapy. And a final option, if the tooth cannot be saved, is to extract the tooth and replace it with a natural-looking bridge or implant.

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