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It is well-known that confidence is boosted and self-esteem enhanced when you know you have a winning smile. Cosmetic dentistry concentrates on widening smiles by introducing helpful enhancements to your teeth. If you have teeth that could be improved or don’t have the confidence needed to flash your pearly whites, we ask that you come into our offices for an assessment.

Most people will find that they may not need an entire smile makeover, but can confidently display their smile out-and-about after a simple dental technique. For instance, whitening of discolored teeth may be all that is needed for great results, but even worn or damaged teeth can be easily fixed.
If you have more than one dental issue that should be taken into account in order to improve your appearance, Bright Dental Care’s cosmetic dental services can address these problems. Below are some of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide:

– Bleaching and whitening
– Crowns
– Partial or complete dentures
– Implants and replacement of missing teeth
– Cosmetic bonding
– Porcelain veneers

Many years in the practice of cosmetic dentistry have kept Dr. Yong Eon Park in the forefront of his field. On top of the most current developments, he shares sound advice and performs the quality service that his long-time patients have come to count upon.

Allow Bright Dental Care to become your primary dental resource as you strive to maintain the utmost dental health, function, and appearance. Please come visit us at our Bakersfield, California, offices or make an appointment by phone at 661.588.2772.

We look forward to seeing you and helping to brighten your smile!