Drinking Water Is a Healthy Habit for Your Teeth

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Humans are dependent on water. We need it not only to thrive, but just to keep up our major body functions. In fact, we are about 60% water ourselves. So it should come as no surprise that drinking enough water is crucial for our overall wellness. Drinking water also has some great benefits for oral health.

One benefit that might seem obvious is that drinking water can help if you suffer from dry mouth. Dry mouth can occur naturally, but is also a common side effect for many medications. When you have dry mouth, you produce less saliva. Saliva is your mouth’s first line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease. It keeps teeth strong by washing them in phosphate, calcium, and fluoride. Water is no substitute for saliva, but drinking plenty can reduce your risk of damage while you seek a more permanent dry mouth solution.

Water is also a great cleanser. Many of us like to drink coffee, juice, or soda with our meals, but doing so can leave unwanted sugar and other particles in our mouths after we eat. The bacteria in the mouth love sugar, and produce acids that eat away at the layer of protective enamel covering teeth. This is like the hard, smooth surface of a porcelain bowl covering the more porous inner layers. When the enamel on your teeth becomes worn or corroded, your teeth become more susceptible to cavities. Drinking water during meals washes the mouth of leftover sugar, reducing the effect of bacteria.

Drinking fluoridated water is a great way to strengthen your teeth. Fluoride is nature’s cavity fighter. Studies have shown that consistently drinking fluoridated water reduces the rate of tooth decay.

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