Need Help With Flossing?

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Sometimes, letting flossing go by the wayside can be easy. If you would like a refresher on flossing, we are happy to provide you with some tips.

– Using a string of about 18 inches in length may be important. This length can give you enough string so you can use a clean segment everytime. Floss can scrape plaque away and carry it off, but they are not glued together. Removed plaque can fall of the string and end up in other areas of your mouth if you use the same segment all the time.

– To secure the string on your fingers, wrap it around them and then hold it by pinching it with your thumbs.

– When you put it into the gaps between teeth, you can ease it in by rubbing it back and forth. Simply forcing it in and having it smack your gums may not be a good idea.

– Once the string is in the gap, you can pull it so it curves around the side of one tooth and then slide it up and down gently.

– A little gap between your teeth and your gums can also gather plaque, but you can carefully move the floss into that gap and clean it out.

As you consider these steps, you can improve your flossing routine. You can also help boost your oral health by visiting us here at Bright Dental Care. Our dentist, Dr. Yong Eon Park, can perform a dental exam to help you know how your mouth is doing and what can be done to keep it healthy. To contact our office here in Bakersfield, California, you can call 661.588.2772. We are happy and ready to serve you!