Following extractions, there are some special instructions you should follow.

Please refrain from the following for the first 24 hours following a tooth extraction:

No spitting, drinking through a straw, heavy lifting, bending, strenuous activities, do not drink alcohol, soda, and avoid smoking. When a tooth is extracted, there is a blood clot that will naturally develop as the first step in healing of the new bone formation. Any of the activities listed above may cause the blood clot to come out and cause extreme pain and delay healing.

You should expect some light bleeding for up to 24 hours following the extractions. You should place gauze and place pressure for up to 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, repeat the process. If you experience swelling, you can use a cold compress for five minutes on and then remove for five minutes. Once the anesthesia wears off you may experience some discomfort, Dr. Park will provide pain medication to take as directed and as needed.

Please do not skip the post op appointment that was scheduled as you may have sutures that will need to be removed and we would like to check the site for healing.