Smile Takeovers: Chewing Gum

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It may be surprising to learn that chewing gum can benefit your smile. Due to the risks associated with cavities and what to do to keep your smile safe, consider chewing gum for improving your overall health care and increasing your saliva flow.

Chewing gum can improve your health because studies have shown that it can help lower your risk of cavities. Furthermore, it can even help treat and prevent heartburn and be used to keep your teeth and gums safe from any harmful debris that seeks to destroy them. Oftentimes, chewing gum is attributed to ingredients within the gum, but the truth is, it has little effect on your oral health. The act of chewing the gum is what provides the benefits. Although, you should be aware that chewing gum which contains sugars can lead to oral health risks. For this reason, always use sugarless chewing gum.

Saliva production influenced by chewing gum is important for your health because it can neutralize harmful acids in your mouth and wash away debris that may begin to collect. Saliva has been shown to help drastically lower your risk for cavities and can even be used to keep your smile safe from various acids that may be linked to an illness or heartburn.

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