The Care and Maintenance of Your Toothbrush

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Out of every tool or gadget you own, one of the simplest to operate is your toothbrush. They don’t need an owner’s manual, there is no software to download, and they are cheap and easy to replace. That being said, you want to get the most out of your toothbrush.

You need to know when to retire your toothbrush. On average, if you have been using it for 3 to 4 months, it is time for it to go to the Lost Graveyard of Toothbrushes, also known as a trash can. 3-4 months is about the useful lifespan of a toothbrush, and if it is starting to look a little worn or flat in the bristles, its time has passed.

Cleaning your toothbrush is not hard. Simply rinse it in under the tap until the bristles are clear of toothpaste and food debris. You do not need to sterilize it by boiling it, microwaving it or running it through the dishwasher. In fact, doing so will probably just damage the bristles. So, a good rinse will suffice. When you are done, store it upright in a place where the air can dry it and it does not come into contact with the other toothbrushes in your household.

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