Ways to Relieve Cold Sore Discomfort

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Cold sores are common for many people, but it doesn’t make them any less uncomfortable and inconvenient. Unfortunately, you’ll need to run the course with your cold sores; however, you don’t have to endure the pain. Our dentist, Dr. Yong Eon Park, has some tips and tricks that can help you deal with your cold sore and relieve the discomfort.

The first thing you should do is ice the cold sore. When the lips first start tingling, get an ice cube to the area. This helps because cold sores love warm and moist environments. Chilling the area can slow the growth and prevent pain. All you need to do is grab an ice cube, wrap it in a towel, and place it on the lip. When that one melts, stick another cube on there for better results.

The second thing you should do is let the cold sore dry out. This means you need to avoid grabbing the cold sore cream in your bathroom drawer. It’s best to avoid touching or putting anything on the sore and letting it dry out. Then, as the sore heals, keep the lips moist to prevent bleeding and increase healing.

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